Central International Music Academy


CIMA is founded on the ideology that Classical Music is a language with a tremendous power to ally people of all countries. It is an art that promotes promote peaceful communication, dedicated collaboration, that teaches humanitarian values, tolerance, thoughtfulness. Classical Music is one of the highest achievements of world culture and therefore it should not only be studied, but radiated, transmitted, passed on.

CIMA – Central International Music Academy Kulturverein is a non-profit society of commited outstanding musicians and supporting individuals from Europe, North America and Asia, who are  working together to create an international network through the means of concrete classical music projects, with Vienna as operational center. The CIMA Society is legally represented by the:
Kulturverein CIMA Central International Music Academy
Vereinsregisterzahl: 1053144558
President Mag. Tymur Melnyk
Vice-President: Daniel Auner, MA